Architect’s vision - Rosebery Engine Yards

striking and cleverly

striking and cleverly

Offering more space and greater customer flexibility.

A modern, sustainable workspace for an enriched employee experience.

design principles

  • Celebrate and showcase sustainability
  • Maintain authenticity of warehouse vernacular
  • Utilise technology to reduce travel as much as possible
  • Seek to innovate

Retention of existing windows

Sleek new glazing will take cues from existing glazing form and language, to unify the facade.

New openings with industrial character

Dark coloured steel framing used to match and reinforce the existing industrial design aesthetic.

Celebrating the original sawtooth roofing

The roof will be accompanied with large skylights to help create natural differentiation of spaces.

landscaped interiors bring the outside in

Internal and external landscape spaces and features create the ideal environment for people and ideas to flourish.

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